With nearly 30 years of history and over 700 sold worldwide, SeaRey is the world’s most popular light sport amphibious aircraft. Certified by the FAA in the US and by the CAAC in China, it is also the most capable amphibian on the market today because of its tailwheel configuration that makes it easy to drive out of the water onto steep-slope, soft-sand and rocky beaches. Relax and enjoy your beach time as boat wakes and wind gusts are no worries. Power when you need it, optimal wing loading, benign stall and spin resistance make the SeaRey a safer choice. Come fly with us and experience why pilots all over the world have chosen the SeaRey as the best platform for on and off-airport adventure.

SeaRey Elite


The factory-built, FAA-Certified SeaRey Elite Amphibious Airplane is the ultimate in flying fun! With its Rotax 914 turbocharged 115 horsepower engine and Garmin G3X Touch avionics, the Searey Elite offers the most complete package in an amphibious flying boat.  You’ll be more than impressed when off the water in under 400 feet and with an 1,100fpm climb performance at gross weight.  Call for a demo flight today.


SeaRey Adventure


The factory-built, FAA-Certified, Searey Adventure Amphibious Airplane is seaplane flying in its purest form.  Featuring analog instrumentation, manual flaps and 3 different choices of Rotax powerplants, the Adventure is the most capable amphibious taildragger in the world.  Whether in the Caribbean or backcountry, you’ll be well-equipped for any adventure.




The original amphibious airplane kit!  Over 600 SeaReys LSXs have been delivered worldwide. Building an Experimental SeaRey LSX Airplane can be fun and rewarding. From the minute the crate is opened until the very first taxi out, you’ll have confidence in quality components and the support of both the factory and the world’s largest community of amphib homebuilders.




SeaRey Normal Water Takeoff Demo

Voyage of the Southern Sun

Wild-Eyed Fun in a Searey


“…thank you again for the fast service. You and Progressive Aerodyne provide great customer support, and it is much appreciated.”Come visit our booth at Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida.
Jed R. Wolcott Another satisfied SeaRey owner.
“Loving the new plane! We really appreciate the support and hard work your guys put in on this one to help us keep on track.”
Christopher Hinote - Flying Fish Seaplanes Another satisfied SeaRey owner.
Flight demonstrations at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. Experience the difference!
Progressive Aerodyne NO LIMITS
“SeaRey does not have only the best aircraft, the best people too.”
Dominique Bertrand Another satisfied SeaRey Customer
Climb every beach with SeaRey’s large front tires.
Progressive Aerodyne NO LIMITS
Stick full forward during step-taxi — no problem.
Progressive Aerodyne NO LIMITS
Hot days and high altitudes — no problem with our Rotax 914 Turbo engines.Here’s my opinion about the SeaRey. I have my fixed wing rating, a gyro rating and I also have my amphibious rating. I fly them all and occasionally helicopters. They’re all awesome but, without a doubt, the SeaRey I enjoy the most. It is the ULTIMATE adventure machine – land, water, grass or asphalt. You have to grasp what that means for flying adventure. It’s like NO other!! Thanks for the SeaRey!! It’s a genius accomplishment.
Progressive Aerodyne NO LIMITS