About SeaRey

Progressive Aerodyne manufactures two models of finished SeaRey S-LSA seaplanes: the Adventure and the Elite.  Both received FAA airworthiness certification in 2014. Additionally, we manufacture the SeaRey LSX kit.

The company continues to grow and increase its presence throughout the United States and internationally. The SeaRey has a vibrant and loyal following, which has generated a community of Searey owners and pilots around the globe.


Progressive Aerodyne was founded in 1992 by Kerry Richter and his business partners, Wayne Richter and Paige Lynette. With a long family history of building ultralight amphibious aircrafts, the company took the opportunity to create a new amphibious aircraft design and named it the SeaRey. The SeaRey took form and began flying in November 1992.

The next year, the SeaRey Classic was introduced to the general public and was very well received, assuring two years worth of orders for the company and marking a place for the SeaRey name in aviation history. Since then, Progressive Aerodyne has enjoyed a dominant position in the light sport amphibious experimental aircraft market.

In January 2010, a significantly improved model, the SeaRey LSX, was introduced to the aviation community. Overall, more than 600 SeaRey Kits have been delivered.

In May 2010, the company moved their headquarters from Orlando to Tavares, Florida, known as ‘America’s Seaplane City’, to facilitate growth.

In June 2014, SeaRey expanded it global reach with the opening of its sales office in Shanghai, China. The Searey is the only LSA seaplane manufactured in America with certification in China.

Speaking of international appeal, there are more SeaReys in Australia than any other type of Seaplane.  Aussie, Michael Smith, flew his SeaRey around the world in 2015, being the first man to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine hulled seaplane.  You can read more about his journey here http://southernsun.voyage/

Before the SeaRey

The Hi-Nuski ultralight began the legacy that would ultimately culminate in the SeaRey Light Sport Aircraft. In the early 1980s, Stanley, Wayne, Nina and Kerry Richter established Advanced Aviation where they designed and manufactured a number of different aircraft. The company produced the single-place Buccaneer XA, the two-place Buccaneer II and the improved Buccaneer SX.


There are now over 700 SeaRey kit and certified aircraft delivered worldwide making it the world’s most popular light sport amphibious aircraft.