LSX Kit Airplane

SeaRey Kits require 600-1000 hours to build. Owning and building a SeaRey Kit Airplane can be very rewarding. From the minute the box is opened until the very first taxi out, building a SeaRey Kit offers builders an exceptional aircraft construction experience. Kits are available with a variety of options including electric flaps, Matco wheels, carbon fiber hull, upgraded interiors and much more.

The SeaRey LSX kit benefits from the engineering and R&D that Progressive Aerodyne implemented for the certificated version of the airplane. With a max gross weight of 1505 lbs, you’ll have plenty of useful load. The Frise ailerons are included on every LSX kit, giving you extraordinary crisp handling and flight characteristics.

Builder phone support is available from the factory, but you’ll also find support in the global SeaRey community. With over 600 SeaRey kit aircraft flying worldwide, the builder and pilot support is unlike that of any other manufacturer.