Does the Searey qualify for LSA?

Yes. The aircraft must be registered at a maximum weight of less than or equal to 1430 lb., and fly with a ground adjustable only propeller, (i.e. not in flight). Searey meets these requirements of LSA rules.

Where does the landing gear go when landing on the water?

All three landing gear wheels retract. The main gear rises straight up and stows just under the two wing struts. The tail wheel retracts forward and stows up under the aft boom tube. Gear operation is electrically accuated.

How fast will the Searey fly?

The maximum cruise speed of the Searey Sport, w/Rotax 912 engine, is 92 mph (80 knots). The maximum cruise speed of the Searey Elite, w/Rotax 914 turbocharged engine is 105 mph (91 knots).

Can the canopy be open during flight?

Yes. The canopy can be left open in any position during flight. It has been said that the Searey is like the ‘Harley Davidson’ of the sky. The Searey’s sliding canopy design is also a very important safety feature for emergency egress from the aircraft in the event of upset during water operations.

What is the Takeoff Roll?

Searey Sport: Takeoff Ground Roll: 350 feet
Takeoff Water Roll: 472 feet

Searey Elite: Takeoff Ground Roll: 268
Takeoff Water Roll: 350 feet

Seaplanes usually use time as a measure for water takeoff since distance markers are not available. A typical Searey water takeoff will be about six-eight seconds. In most cases the land and water takeoff runs are the same distance.

What is the Climb Rate of Searey?

Searey Sport: 650 Feet/Minute
Searey Elite: 1100 Feet/Minute

How high will a Searey fly?

Searey Sport: Approximately 13,000 Feet
Searey Elite: Approximately 18,000 Feet

How does the Searey exit the water to the shoreline after a water touchdown?

A Searey taxing out of the water is always a crowd stopper. At idle speed, the undercarriage is lowered while still in the water. As you approach the beach or ramp, hold the stick back and add power to drive out of the water. Be careful not to blast sand into any spectators or onlookers.

How much baggage can I carry?

There is a substantial baggage compartment deck located behind the two seats. There is ample space for overnight bags, camping equipment, etc. There is also additional room in the nose compartment. Baggage compartment loads of approximately 60 Lb. are typical.

What are the general rules for landing on water?

The rules vary somewhat depending on the state or country. In the U.S., the
Seaplane Pilots Association is an excellent resource for pilots. They publish a directory of lakes and their regulations for the entire country so there is no doubt about what to do or don’t do.

How much fuel does it use? What is the fuel capacity?

Cruise endurance fuel flow is about 5 gallon/hour (17 liter/hour). Premium unleaded fuel is the recommended fuel for use in the Rotax engine. The 26 gallon (98 liter) long range tank can extend your range to well over five hours.

How long does it take to build a Searey Kit Airplane?

We have found that a new builder might require 600 – 900 hours. The complexity of your instrument, electrical installation and/or or other custom finishes will largely determine the total time. For full time builders, perhaps three to four months; part time builders (weekends & evenings) up to twelve months.

How much fuel does a Searey use? What is the fuel capacity?

Cruise endurance fuel flow is about 5 gallon/hour (17 liter/hour). Premium unleaded fuel is the recommended fuel for use in the Rotax engine. The standard 26 gallon (98 liter) tank, offers approximately five hours of flight time, with reserves.

How do I order a kit, and where is the kit manufactured?
Kits may be ordered through Progressive Aerodyne or your local dealer. There are numerous options to consider when ordering a kit, therefore it is a good idea to contact Progressive Aerodyne at 352-253-0108, where a knowledgeable builder can guide you through this important process. The Kits are manufactured in our factory in Tavares, FL.
What are the available coverings and finishes?

The flying surfaces are covered with a FAA approved poly-fiber material finish manufactured by Stits Poly-Fiber. This covering system has been used on aircrafts for decades.All materials are provided in the kit, including the silver coat of Poly-Spray UV protection and the covering manual which contains the step-by-step instructions with helpful photographs. There’s no fiberglass work to do. The hull, turtle deck, and front deck are all pre-finished with a slick gel coat finish.

What does it cost to complete a Searey?

Finished costs vary significantly depending on the quality of finish required
by the builder and the extent of the instruments, avionics, and multitude of
other options available. Builders typically take great pride in how they customize and finish their Searey. However, a typically standard completed Searey may fall into the $80K price range. Building a Searey is made even more affordable by only requiring an initial outlay of around $35,000 in the first year or so to complete the air frame. The balance of the budget is required near the end of the building program when it comes time to add the engine, electrical, and instruments, etc.

How do I pay for a Searey?

A $5,000 deposit is required at time of order. Upon receipt of this deposit, the factory in Tavares allocates a position on the production line and the commencement of filling your order begins. The balance of payment is due when the kit is ready for shipment from the factory.

Is there builder assistance available?

Yes, Progressive Aerodyne will be there to provide assistance to help you complete your Searey. A builder support telephone line is provided to answer your questions as you build, contact technical service at 352-253-0108. Once you become a Searey owner, there is also a very active Searey builder’s website you may register for that provides a wealth of information.

What kind of engine does the kit manufacturer recommend?

The Rotax 912, 912S or the turbo-charged 914 are the recommended engines for the Searey. These engines have proven themselves to be highly reliable, with an enviable safety record.

How much does the Searey weigh and how much can it carry in useful load?

If you build your Searey prudently, your empty weight will be approximately 960 Lb. The maximum gross weight of a Searey is 1430 Lb. This gives a useful load of about 500 Lb. In other words two average people, a full tank of gas and about 30 Lb. of baggage.

How much room do I need to build the Searey?

Ideally a standard two car garage is more than adequate. However, with a bit
of juggling, it is possible to build a Searey in a single-car garage.