Geoffrey Nicholson, CEO

Geoff is responsible for the leadership of Progressive Aerodyne. He brings 30+ years of aerospace engineering and management experience from Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, GE Aircraft Engines, GE Corporate Research & Development, LORD Corporation, TECT Corporation and professional engineering firms. Geoff holds Commercial – Single/Multi-Engine, Land/Seaplane, and Instrument Airplane ratings. Having earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Virginia he later received his MBA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Joey Graham, Sales & Marketing Director

Joey is responsible for the overall Marketing and Sales of all SeaRey aircraft for Progressive Aerodyne, including, MRO customer service. As the former Tavares Seaplane Base & Marina Manager, Sales Manager and pilot with over 2,500 hours, he is ready to handle your SeaRey purchasing, service and customer support needs. Among his many accomplishments, Joey earned a BS in Management and Finance from the University of South Carolina.

Norman Ogrin, Operations/Production Manager

Norm is responsible for the leadership of the production and service of all SeaRey LSA aircraft. Most recently, he was the Operations Manager and Production Supervisor at Safran Helicopter USA responsible for leading the production planning, scheduling and day-to-day requirements of the Turbomeca Arriel and Arrius aircraft engines; fuel control unit (FCU), hydro mechanical unit (HMU’s) and other accessory MRO. Among his accomplishments, Norm was the Chief Instructor at the Aviation Career Academy in Lakeland, FL, for airframe systems, landing gear, flight controls and turbine and reciprocating engine theory. Norm holds an A&P license and has professional experience maintaining the Airbus A319, 320, and 321; Beechcraft 99 and 1900; Boeing 757; King Air 200; Shorts 360; and Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

Kerry Richter, R&D and Flight Test

Kerry is the inventor and resident expert of the SeaRey aircraft. With more than 12,000 hours of flight experience in the SeaRey and numerous other aircraft, he is, unquestionably, the most proficient SeaRey pilot in the world. Kerry provides the in-depth product support valued by our fleet of Experimental aircraft owners. Kerry is also responsible for the flight testing of new factory-built SeaReys. In short, the excellent flying qualities and performance characteristics of the SeaRey are by his design.

Keith Seibel, Quality & Engineering Manager

Keith is responsible for the Quality Assurance of the SeaRey aircraft. Keith brings a deep history of quality engineering and inspection with United Technologies, Aurora Flight Sciences and Boeing Aircraft. He managed the R&D of advanced composite product and process designs for Aero Engineering, Inc. in support of various NASA and other US Government programs. With more than 5,000 flight hours operating experimental, general aviation prop and jet aircraft as a Commercial, Single/Multi-Engine, Instrument Airplane pilot, Keith has the requisite experience to address the most demanding aircraft manufacturing challenges. Keith holds an Engineering degree from Randolph Macon College.