Searey Certified Flight Instruction

Progressive Aerodyne is committed to quality flight training and ensuring that pilots are safe, competent and ready to handle the real-world challenges of amphibious seaplane flying.

The Searey Flight Instructor’s Association (SFIA) is the only factory-recognized source for pilot training in the Searey. Training with a SFIA Instructor takes place at one of several Searey flight centers, at the factory, or if necessary, at your own home airport or seaplane base.

Whether you are taking delivery of a new Searey SLSA, completing an LSX kit, or buying a second-hand Searey, this is the thorough pilot training program that will suit your specific needs.

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Factory-Sponsored Searey Pilot Training

Thinking about purchasing a Searey but would like to have some left seat time before making the decision? No problem! SFIA is a great source for obtaining that experience.

There are several options for scheduling time with a Searey CFI.  Your course will give you a thorough introduction to the safe operation of the Certified LSA Searey on land and water. You will be introduced to Searey systems, performance, maneuvers, water and tailwheel operations, and LSA ownership. There are standard courses that include 4 hours of flight instruction in a Searey and at least 2 hours of ground instruction.  You can also select hourly options, or do an entire Searey transition training course or seaplane rating.

Facilities and instructors with an available rental Searey are listed below.

Experience what we mean when we say “Explore No Limits!”

  • One-on-One Instruction with a Searey-Certified CFI
  • Flight and Ground Instruction for Prospective Searey Owners
  • Take-offs and Landings on Water and Runway
  • Customized to Your Flight Experience
  • Training Conducted at a Searey Flight Center or seaplane base near you!

Joey Graham 352-253-0108 x-102


Mike Pearson, President
Searey Flight Instructors Association
Colonial Beach, Virginia
Phone: 540-903-7003
*Searey LSA Rental Available

John McLeroy, Vice President
SeaRey Flight Instruction Association
Orlando, FLorida
Phone: 321-287-3650

Don Laughlin, FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407-701-7753

Scott Strimple
Richmond, Virginia
Phone: (804) 671-7278

Zach Sweetser
Nashua, NH
Phone: 425-503-0427

Jesse Mares
Lakeland, FL
Phone: (918) 814-4066

Allan Fisher
College Place, WA (S95)
Phone: (509) 301-3461

Tom and Gayle Rhines
Canton, TX
SeaRey Adventures
Phone: 972-768-1082
*Searey LSA Rental Available

Alex Polvi
Bend, Oregon
Phone: (541) 231-0624
*SeaRey LSA Rental Available

Chris Hinote
St. Charles, Missouri
Phone: (660) 864-3516

Daniel Myers
Southeast Amphibs
Orlando, Florida
Phone: 407-920-7700