Searey Demonstration Flight for Ex-Top Gun Instructor

Join ex-Top Gun instructor, aerobatic pilot and current commercial airline pilot Alex Howell for a “Ride-a-Long” with Searey designer Kerry Richter.

Voyage of te Souther Sun trailer

Adventurer of the Year Michael Smith in his amphibious plane Southern Sun became the first solo circumnaviator in 2015. Owner of Melbourne’s Sun Theatre, this Rob Murphy documentary film celebrates the highs and lows of an extraordinary adventure, with an array of spectacular imagery from around the world.

World Premiere April 12th 2017:
Sun Theatre, Melbourne, Australia


Stefan Drury Interview of Michael Smith

EP165: Michael Smith flew a Searey Flying Boat around the world. Hear his fascinating story with footage from his trip and see the route he took around the world. His story, Voyage Of The Southern Sun, is a gripping tale for all aviators with so many amazing learning experiences for anyone interested in travel or the world of aviation. I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did.

Wild-Eyed Fun in a Searey

For pure, undiluted fun, there’s nothing quite like operating a small flying boat off a remote lake. In this video, AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli takes a test flight in a new Searey Elite. The company is now selling these airplanes as SLSA aircraft.

M/Y SuRi Charters 22 Graus

Searey Elite Cockpit 1

Searey Cockpit 1

SeaRae3 Katie

Searey Adventure 1